The RMC s.r.o. Nová Dubnica Company profile

The RMC s.r.o. company offers many complex services in the area of industrial electronics, communication and navigation systems, ensures complex automatization and electronization of tool machines, shaping machines, cross-cutting and technological lines and development systems. In the case of need, the company also acts as a system integrator of bigger or multidirectional projects.

Development activity

Applied development is focused on realization of own products and its innovation and customer-based products. Output of these solutions is:

  1. electronic systems, subsystems and industrial automatization systems
  2. components for information and communication technologies (ICT) in the area of stationary and mobile applications
  3. unique electronic products whose marketing brings and supports prestige grade for the company or brings remarkable economical effect
  4. custom design “ON DEMAND” for creation of new originality or difference from known design
  5. new profiling product that ensures the company prestige in branch

The RMC s.r.o. company has finished the development and put into production more than 200 products and part of the line exports to EU countries. Besides the development, also the product certification is required.

Manufacture activity and services

The company ensures production from its own development and production of additional electronics for projected systems with own capacity and also order production following the customer documentation. As an additional service, the company offers cooperation with printed circuit board production on a SMT line and mechanical works of machine case and mechanic tools in CNC positions.

Commercial trade activity

The RMC Company is an authorized sales agent and a consulting center of the Honeywell Company in the sensor segment. Besides the sale and technical consultant service, the company also offers to its customers technical solutions of sensor application and related evaluating and control systems.